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Environmental Efforts

Man and machine and the earth connector
Since established in 1962, we have developed trading business (Sales Division). In the process, we also develop manufacturing business (Manufacturing Division) as our principal business activities of the company. We contributed to the society by the role of manufacturing business as well as trading business.

In recent years, environmental problems have become international issues. Various companies are seriously working on making better environment of living for the next generation. As a member of international society, we also focus on trading and developing eco-friendly products.Our commitment of environmental activities are as follows;

Basic policy

Nishinihon Shoko Co., Ltd. as a trading and manufacturing company, contributes to development of wealthy the society, and appreciate our responsibility for global environmental protection. We take lead in green action as important contribution to the society.

Action policy

  1. We observe the requirement of ISO 14001 and keep improving and preventing pollutions to keep our activities for environmental protection.
  2. We observe the related law and other requirement which we committed to environmental protection.
  3. We set technically and economically achievable goal for environment protection specifying remarkable influence in our activities, products and services.
    And, we periodically review for the continuous improvement.
  4. We work on followings for the environment protection.
    1. Suggestion activity and sales promotion of products contribute to the environment.
    2. Suggestion activity and productization promotion of technology contribute to the environment.
    3. Promotion of green action.
    4. Enrichment of in-house environmental education and recommendation activity of environment protection to suppliers.
  5. Positing and distribution of environment policy in-house for disseminating to all the employees.

Progress of our activity

September. 2002Preliminary examination
September. 20021st in-house environment audit
June. 20021st regular examination
November. 20021st management review
December. 2002Registration examination (1st & 2nd)
December. 2002Receipt of certification "ISO14001(JQA-EM2884)"
June. 20032nd regular examination
June. 20032nd in-house environment audit
August. 20032nd management review
December. 20033rd in-house environment audit
January. 20044th in-house environment audit
June. 20045th in-house environment audit
August. 20042nd management review
December. 20046th in-house environment audit
June. 20044th regular examination
April. 20055th regular examination
April. 2005Renewal examination
April. 2005Transition examination
June. 20057th in-house environment audit
August. 20054th management review
September. 2005Modification of Environmental goal program
December. 20058th in-house environment audit
April. 2006Transition of certification "ISO14001:2004(EM2884)"
June. 20069th in-house environment audit
August. 20064th management review
December. 200610th in-house environment audit

Progress of the environmental goal program

December. 1, 2002 After receipt of certification ISO14001, we worked on improving working environment as our theme of environment protection activity in "Behavior Guideline".
We set our target to reduce the usage of electricity, copy paper and other consumption good.
September. 1, 2005 At the time of transition of certification ISO14001, we added other target of environment protection activity in manufacturing division as follows;
Promoting green action items
Providing information of environmental contribution items
Providing information of environmental contribution technology
August. 1, 2006 We have had steady progress in our environment protection activity, and additionally we are having a attempt to adopt the spirit of MOTTAINAI. This is the Japanese spirit to put importance on "Reduce", "Reuse" and "Recycle".
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