Nishinihon Shoko Co.,Ltd.

Trading Items

Man and machine and the earth connector
  • Various machines, tools, equipments and etc. for manufacturing factories.
  • Direct hearing of customer voices. Careful learning about use and environment. Figuring out perfect solutions.
  • Strong support from our supplier for Improvement & Development of products.
  • We understand manufacturing process and we answer to every kind of small request with full efforts.
Main customer
Daihatsu Motor Co.,Ltd., Aoi Machine Industry Co.,Ltd., Daihatsu Lifenet Co.,Ltd., Daihatsu Metal Co.,Ltd., Sanyo Dengyo Co.,Ltd., Goryo Corporation, Maruyamakasei Corporation, Takaokinzoku Corporation, Osaka Gas Chemicals Co.,Ltd., Tatsunaga Kensetsu Corporation, Kawamura Metal Manufacturing Co.,Ltd., Furukawa Shell Corporation, Yuasa Trading Co.,Ltd.


Cutware Image photo
Cutware, Carbide tool, Grind tool
Carbide bar, Ceramic, Serment tool
Diamond tool, CBN tool
File, Concrete drill
Main customer

Work tool

Work tool Image photo
Operation tool, Screwdriver, Auto tool
Total container craftsman tool, Pipe tool, Refueling equipment
Brush, Broom, Electronic equipment tool, Crimping tool
Auto solder
Main customer

Power tools

Power tools Image photo
Power tools, Grind tool, Small motor
Air circulate machine, Air tool, Air compressor
Vacuum pump, Dryer, Air reel
Spray gun, Welding machine
Main customer

Power train

Power train Image photo
Shaft, Pulley, Changing reduction gear
Electromagnetic clutch brake, Belt
Oval button, Universal joint
Wheels, O-ring, Bearing, LM guide
Main customer

Hydraulic/pneumatic equipments

Hydraulic/pneumatic equipments Image photo
Oil pump, Oil motor, Oil valve
Oil pressure cylinder, Oil machine tool
Air press, Puncher, Pneumatic equipment
Electromagnetic valve, Control valve, Hydraulic pressure jack
Main customer

Measurement tool

Measurement tool Image photo
Main customer

Machine tools

Machine tools Image photo
Lathe, Machining cente, Miller
Grinding machine, Electric spark machine, CAD/DAM
Metallic mold standard part, Steel for metallic molds, Boring machine
Guillotine, Laser machine, Forging pressure machine, Woodworking machine
Rolling center, Divider, Round table
Tooling, Lathe chuck, Drill chuck
Malt axis attachment, Cramp, Jig system
Main customer

Transportation and construction equipment

Transportation and construction equipment Image photo
All-round portable winch, Hoist crane
Chain block, Cramp, Motor lorry
Automatic air warehouse, Caster conveyor
Vibrator, Jack, Hand tools for woodworking, Wire rope
Main customer

Plumbing material/equipments & Control instruments

Plumbing material/equipments & Control instruments Image photo
Pump, Valve cock, Coupler, High pressure rubber hose for liquefied petroleum gas
Control relay, Switch, Sequencer
Relay, Power supply, Industrial robot
Main customer

Whetstone and Fastener

Whetstone and Fastener Image photo
Whetstone, Cutoff whetstone, Grind cloth paper
Tack, Anchor bolt
Volt nut
Main customer

Environment equipment and factory management

Environment equipment and factory management Image photo
Factory electric fan, Oil stove, Cleaner
Dust machine, Cleaner machine, Equipment for pollution control
Feeder of parts, Brassed machine
Steam cleaner, Part safekeeping articles
Metal surface processing pill, Cutting oil, Bulking agent, Tapping paste, Rudder
Main customer
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